Our Mission

We want to help integrate new, simply beautiful technologies into schools.


We value simplicity and believe unnecessary complications drive students away from learning. We envision a new era of eduacation that's beautiful and exceptionally functional. Schools provide students with technology, but students aren’t actively involved in the development process. Students, the end users, are given solutions that are complex and out-of-date. This is why we exist.


Our production team develops applications in-house with Ionic, a framework for creating mobile applications. While creating EduPass, we collected student input through multiple test runs of the app to ensure we meet students’ exact needs and wants. Our four departments within the company work together to gather student input, promote our application, insert student suggestions, and keep track of financial data.


Rhidian Tech is a student-run company specializing in technological solutions to educational problems. Our initial test run of EduPass demonstrated that keeping track of students was challenging. Our versatile web application allows students to easily check into different places. Edupass then displays the locations of all the students for the administration in real time. This saves schools time and allows them to concentrate on productivity.

We. Love. Students.

Constantly asking our users for feedback unsures unmatched user experience

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Contact Us at:  rhidiantech@gmail.com