Edupass is a simple, easy to use mobile attendance software designed for schools. Education has never looked so good.


As students, we know from experience how beneficial the flex hour system is. That’s why we set out to provide schools with Edupass, a modern take on classic system. Edupass is an on-the-fly mobile attendance system designed to optimize flex hour systems. We designed Edupass with 2 things in mind: Simplicity and functionality. With an on-the-fly system, students now have the option to make split-second decisions to get the extra help in the subjects they see fit.


Free your students and staff of pen and paper. Save time and go virtual; e-check in allows for easy check in and unmatched system transparency.



Let your teachers contact students that need help. Swift invites allow for seemless interactions between your students and teachers.



Help your students find their study goups faster. Let them focus on learning, not searching.